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What size Stand Up Paddle Board is best for me?

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Here at Salty Palm Surf we understand the different needs for each individual when it comes to buying a #SUP. These "toys" are not cheep so it is vital we suit you up to the right size board. We stock a huge range of SUPs in all shapes and sizes. Your choice of board is dependent on your weight, size and what you want to use it for. We stock Race SUPs, Cruiser SUPs, Surf SUPs, Inflatable SUPs and Kids SUPs. So before buy a board you need to know what you want it for. Our most common sold board is the "Cruiser SUP"which is perfect for cruising along the flat water in lakes, bays, rivers or creeks.

We have broken it down for you to determine what size SUP will suit you.

#Volume is the most important factor to consider when buying a board.

It as all about the volume of the board (also known as litres). At Salty Palm we advertise all our products with the height, width and volume. In your case the volume is the most important aspect.

What is volume?

Volume is the amount of space with in the board, it determines the buoyancy of your SUP.

Lower volume = less buoyant

Higher volume = more buoyant Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon.

Why is your SUPs volume so important?

Volume determines how buoyant the board is. How much you float on your SUP changes everything such as how fast you paddle, how the board maneuvers, how many waves you catch and how the board keeps its speed. Basically having the right volume in your board will make your life and experience a lot more easy.

How we #calculate whats right for you!

On average 1 litre of volume will balance 1 kg of body weight. For you to be able to float you need more litres in the board than your body weight.

Volume to weight ratio:

#Beginner: Double your body weight (or 200% of your weight): e.g. if you weigh 50kg you need a board with 100 litres.

#Intermediate: 170% of your body weight: e.g. if you weigh 50kg you need a board with 85 litres.

#Expert: 130% of your body weight: e.g. if you weigh 50kg you need a board with 65 litres.

As soon as you start decreasing from the 130% of your body weight the board begins to sink under the water. People who sink there board are in the extreme expert and this is not common.

This is the average estimate, however feel free to speak to our friendly staff with your concerns and let us be aware of your ability level. We will try out best to suit you to the right SUP.

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