9'5  ~  142L  Bamboo

9'5 ~ 142L Bamboo



Key Dimensions : Length - 9ft 5 inches  /  Width - 32 inches ( 81.3 )  /  Volume - 142 Litres 


Description: Great board for surfing small waves or cruising your favourite waterway with your best friend




The most important and value add features of our boards are the efficiency and professionalism through our shapes and the strength and lightweight characteristics of our key material componenets and how they are utilisied in different areas of the board.


9'5 x 142L                       Rider Level                                  


Conditions                Novice       Surfer     Pro rider
Calm <90kgs <105kgs <120kgs
Surf <75kgs <95kgs <110kgs
Windy Surf <60kgs <80kgs <100kgs


For further details on these two key areas see the details on this page > 


  • Tech Specs:


    Lightweight EPS Moulded core shaped to maximise the bouyancy and weight to strength efficiency of the board


    Precion shaped to specifications by Australian shaper Jared Reedusing The Industry leading Professional AKU Shaping machine.


    Key Re-inforced Areas using a denser PVC insert material

    Fin boxes | SUP Handle | Leash Plug  

    3mm PVC Standing Deck Area all the way through the top of the board from 30cms above the centre down to the tail


    5mm PVC Stringer


    Shell - multi layer sandwhich composite construction using 4oz fibreglass cloth overlaid with .6mm bamboo veneer layer wrapped around the whole board with another layer of 4oz fibreglass over the top.

    Wrapping the bamboo around the rail adds alot of strength to a key area of the board and reduces the need for multiple layers of fibreglass which can cause an unecessary weight increase.


    Futures fin boxes and middle US Centre fin


    Boards come standard with 9 inch middle fibreglass fin and 4.5 inch fibreglass futures side fins.


  • Key Design Features

    Good riders can make any shape work in the surf and flatwater allows for a lot of board shape floors to go undiscovered. It's not until you get out in the surf that the design and construction elements of a professional shaped board become apparent.


    At Greenroom Boards Australia we use over 10+ Years of riding and Insustry experince to create boards that excel at these two features. Below we discuss the Key design features of our boards.


    Bottom -

    The botttom is the key area of the board that many people fail to recognise or consider. A good shaper will create a bottom waterflow line that provies, lift anf therefore speed, while maintaining stability and mobility through the tail when the board has gained speed and the stability factor becomes less important.

    Key attributes:

    Concave to double concave through the centre stance area - provides spped, lift and stability

    Convex through the tail area to compliment the surf rail for aided turning and maneouvrability while on the waves


    Rail -


    Thinned out through top and bottom areas to allow for ease of movement both cruising out through the waves and also surfing them

    Volume distribution through the centre area is by way of a boxy rail line allowing more weight to supported while standing and less weight to be in the key surfing areas of the tail


    Top -


    25mm diamond deck pad with surf kick in tail allows for extra comfort and grip

    The top deck area is shaped to allow a flat standing area throug the centre deck area of the board which provides two key benefits

    1. Stability

    2. Increased volume to maneouvrability ratio - so you can go smaller and rip harder while not losing your balance.


    Outline - 


    The outline of our models allows them to be used in the surf creating and enhancing speed while maintianing lift. We focus the volume through the stance area and out to the full rail while bringing that in and refining it at the nose and tail of the boards.


    Bothe Surf Series and the Surf allrounder are made for the Ocean but given this they will also be also at home on the flat. 

    Most boards will work in the flat but only some boards work in the Ocean (and all boards that work in the Ocean are also good for the flat conditions).