Big Boy

Big Boy

The BIGBOY big guys! If you are big, you have to go big!!

Anyone over 100kg and of a bigger stature can take advantage of a high performance longboard tailored to a larger person.

With a 24 inch width, it adds an almost shortboard curve to the outline.

The tight pulled running into a clean curve back to the middle, allows smooth yet still tight snaps as the board flexes under the weight of a heavier surfer. A nice balance of flex and Curve in one package. If you thought your surfing days were getting limited with the frustration of not catching many waves, revive your surfing on the Big Boy and be alive.

Catch waves, get stoked and have fun!



As someone with a larger stature, sometimes it's hard to find a board that suffices, the BIGBOY is the one..

The BIGBOY is specifically designed for those with a larger stature, without loosing the performance aspect that is sometimes lost when boards are made for big people.. With an emphasis on high performance longboard, the BIGBOY can do everything its smaller compatriots can..