The BOSS was designed as board for the average surfer in average conditions. With healthy volume, paddle power based on volume and area rather than a flatter rocker and lots of tail area, so you can cut back on soft sections. The board continues to carry as the power backs off, yet with outline curve through the tail and advanced rocker, so it's still loose to pump for speed and will fit in the pocket for a decent reo if required…


Whats the BOSS all about

When we designed the BOSS we wanted it to suit the largest number of conditions in the widest range of conditions. The BOSS is a board for everyone for everyday.. In this day and age, not everyone has the luxury of having a huge quiver to suit the ever changing conditions that they surf everyday.. However the BOSS alleviates this issue by being designed for the largest possible range, built into one board.. It really is the Swiss army knife of surfboards..