Bula Rush Cane Hat

Bula Rush Cane Hat

The Ocean & Earth Bula Rush Cane Hat is the perfect way to keep the sun at bay. This is a generous hat with a full brim extending around its entire circumference. You get much better shade coverage and protection than from a peak or trucker cap. The shade from this hat extends over your face, ears and neck and even to your shoulders, chest and back. The crown of the hat is generous. There’s space there that prevents the sun from beating directly on your head. The fibers are open weave so air can circulate allowing heat to escape and cool ocean breeze to enter.

Construction of the hat is of rush cane. Ocean & Earth has added to this key features. The edge around the rim is sealed with a tough fabric preventing unraveling. There’s a head band so you can adjust the fit around your head. This is very handy so you can get the fit just right fit. It won’t droop too low if loose. The neck also has a an adjustable cord so in the event of high winds the hat won’t blow off. The Rush Cane Hat is a great way to get protection from the sun for your head


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