• Surf Cruiser - Bamboo Pink/Blue


    Description: Great board for surfing small waves or cruising your favourite waterway with your best friend


    Features: FAST | STABLE | STRONG


    The most important and value add features of our boards are the efficiency and professionalism through our shapes and the strength and lightweight characteristics of our key material components and how they are utilised in different areas of the board.


    For further details on these two key areas see the details on this page >

    Board / Packages




    Conditions Novice Surfer Pro
    Calm (protected waterway) <80kgs <100kgs <100kgs
    Surf | Open Beaches <60kgs <80kgs <100kgs
    Windy Surf | Strong currents/tides <50kgs <70kgs <100kgs

    C O M P A N Y   I N F O R M A T I O N