Foil Board Cover - SUP

Foil Board Cover - SUP

The Greenroom Board cover is the ultimate protection for your board when storing or travelling.

With Padded 25mm EVA padded rail all the way around the board and an extra 20mm cushion on the top and bottom, the external shell will provide a significant amount of impact resistant to your board.

Re-enforced on top of this at the nose, tail and centre rail positions of the board with an impact resistant 5mm pvc sheet, padded carry handles for two person use, an opening above the centre handle to carry the board by yourself.

Two vent patches on top of the board at nose and tail , refelctive sheet on the underside for heat protection and a fin gap on botttom and internal pouch for storage.

Hex pattern Nylon exterior gives a great look and finsih and will not fade like other bags on the market


Cover for Foilboard available in various sizes.


6'0" x 28" x 5"

6'6" x 29" x 5"

6'10" x 30" x 5

7'6" x 31 x 5

7'11" x 32" x 5