Blue Planet Foil Wing 1240cm2

Blue Planet Foil Wing 1240cm2

The Blue Planet Easy Foilers are designed to make foiling as approachable and easy to learn as possible.


The thick foil has a “dihedral” in the center to channel the water for directional stability. The main part of the wing is fairly flat to make it as stable and easy to control as possible. The extended fuselage also stabilizes the flight while the down turned wing tips allow for smooth turning.


All parts of the foil are made of solid pre-preg carbon fiber. The wings have high density foam cores allowing the foil to float if it becomes separated from the board.


The Easy Foilers are available in three front wing sizes based on front wing surface area in square centimeters: Small-1240, Medium-1440 (our most versatile foil), Large-1750.