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    The LONGBOARD PRO evolved from a basic need: catch waves on small days, yet still perform when conditions got a little bigger.

    As competitive long boarding emerged, surfers started demanding a more versatile board that would give superior performance without overlooking traditional Long-boarding. The PRO longboard combines a Full Performance, Thruster Set-Up with Sunova‘s Composite BalsaFlex Construction Technology to create a board so free and loose, no one can believe a Longboard can be surfed so radically.

    The LONGBOARD PRO is the ultimate performance Longboard attaining that delicate balance between competitive edge and Long-boarding tradition. Definitely the most versatile board in the whole range.



    One of the most high performance all-round Longboard on the market!

    The PRO really is the pinnacle of high performance Longboarding, it has all the features you need to be at the top of the pack.. It is designed to be able to throw around from the tail super easy, but still hold in well when you getting toes over.. It's an all-round machine that will take your surfing up a notch..  


    Justin Redman Aerial 360 and helicopters on a Longboard.


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