Sunova Prone Foilboard

Sunova Prone Foilboard

The Sunova Prone Foilboard is an extremely tough, lightweight board designed for the runway.


Allows for easy take off with glide and pump ability being the ultimate aim.


The XXX Balsa tech constrcution is argueably the strongest/lightest strength to combination out of any board made worldwide and this is extremely beneficial when foiling as you know you are on the best.


An array of size from 4'0 27 Litres up to 5'8 50 Lites.

  • Tech Specs

    Outline - Wide Point Forward

    Bottom - Flat (Deck is concave)

    Rocker - Flat with nose kick

    Rails - Bevelled 45

    US Centre Fin Boc

    Designed for Beginer to intermeidate foilers