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SUP Deckgrip_2 piece Grey Green Stance Area - Large

SUP Deckgrip for stance area of board.




Length (middle) - 102 cms or 40.12 inches

Width (top) - 34 cms or 13.39 inches

Width (Bottom) - 27 cms or 10.63 inches


Most suited to larger boards greater than 10 foot and up to 34 inch wide but can be easily modified for smaller boards by cutting with a stanley knife and a guide (such as a metal ruler).


The range of Greenroom deck grips provide a great comfortable soft feel with a balance of cushioned waterproof EVA and diamond groove technology to provide the rider with the best possible mix of support and traction. Easy to set up and apply with the included superior 3M adhesive tape, the Greenroom deck grip is made to fit most standard size SUP boards.


A great way to freshen up and old board.


    C O M P A N Y   I N F O R M A T I O N