Tail Wing - Kai 1.5

Tail Wing - Kai 1.5

The 1.5 KAI tail wing is suitable for the Kai, Iwa, M200 & the whole GL range. This tail compared to the Maliko will feel faster, more manoeuvrable and possibly a litter twitchier than the Maliko. 

This tail wing will best suit a rider on a Prone or someone looking to loosen up their riding.

Compatible with any of the 1.5 masts. Comes with a cover.



Span 16”/41cm

Chord: 7.5cm

Weight: 290g

Rear Wing Construction.

  • 100% pre-preg carbon fiber laid up in a solid monolithic structure, cured to 250° F in an autoclave at very high pressure.
  • Cone system attachment allows the rider to have a stable reliable connection between fuselage and wing.