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  • Tanker


    The TANKER is the ultimate behemoth.


    The nose of the Hangman, the tail of the Kruiser, add some serious beef, flatten the rocker, and you get a board that does not stop until you hit the sand.

    If nose ridng and walking the entire board is your style and you want to milk every last drop from a wave, then the Tanker has you covered.

    If you wanna just go! The Tanker…



    The ultimate cruiser! 

    The TANKER is the biggest beast in the SUNOVA longboard range.. If you want a board that will just keep going on the smallest fattest waves possible this is the board for you.. Enjoy scoring super long rides and walking the board with the TANKER..  


    C O M P A N Y   I N F O R M A T I O N