Blue Planet:

Founder and SUP legend, Robert Stehlik, has spent the past 3 years developing this range and the results are unreal. the boards have a very stable and fast outline with the take-off and landing being as smooth as possible with the nose and tail shape design. You can also go to the smallest possible size with the stable outline providing the stability associated with a much bigger board.

We recommend based on our experience that it is best to find a board that is about 90% the size of your standard comfortable Surf SUP when looking for a board in the Blue Planet range.

​The smaller the board there easier it is to fly (and stay in control).

The foils have been designed by Robert in conjunction with an aeronautical engineer and he has spent the last year testing and re-designing the foil to get the best possible performance. From the construction materials to the end shape and design, Robert has been able to produce a high quality product proven to improve your foiling experience.

The videos below have some more helpful information on the overall history of the foil development and exactly what is used to produce the foil along with the key features of the board and foil.


Sunova makes arguably the best product in the world with its use of balsa timber to create an unbelievably light, strong product with great flex properties.

Their range is designed with the expertise of Bert Berger, James Casey and Marcus Tardrew who between them have many years experience in a range of surf disciplines.

The Sunova range is great for beginners starting out who want a quality board under their feet and the latest Casey range has something for riders looking for more performance.


We stock the full range of Blue Planet SUP Foilboards and Foils along with the latest high performance Sunova foilboards.

These guys are definitely at the forefront of designs specifically for foiling and both are aimed at different level of riders. This type of foiling is completely different to Kite, windsurf or surf foiling and it clearly shows when you jump on a Blue Planet or Sunova product that these guys know what they are doing.